Refining Coal Discard

Our process harvests valuable carbon energy and agricultural minerals from coal discard.

Refined Carbon Energy

This innovative technology produces a new category of solid energy that burns cleaner and more efficiently than traditional coal.

Refined Minerals

We also extract valuable minerals from coal discard that are used to restore farmland and enhance agricultural produce.


Hendricks Refined Carbon

Our Refined Carbon contains significantly more energy in every ton than traditional coal products. This reduces emissions, maximizes efficiency and increases value to customers.

Hendricks Petroleum Conserver

Hendricks Petroleum Conserver is highly pure hydrocarbon derived from coal. It dramatically reduces fuel and refinery costs when blended with fuel or crude oil or when used as a direct substitute for conventional products.

Hendricks Refined Minerals

Coal mining on or under fertile land has negative consequences for the land’s productivity and for the local communities living nearby. Our process of extracting energy and minerals from coal discard creates Hendricks Refined Minerals, a high-value, nutrient-dense topsoil, and restores the site to its natural state.


This patented technology refines coal discard, creating high value Refined Carbon and Refined Mineral products.

1 Reclaiming

We safely and cost effectively employ reclamation methods best suited to each site. We remove coal discard and restore the site as close as possible to the original landform or reshape it for recreational or commercial use.

2 Micro-sizing

The sizing process cost effectively optimizes particle size to enable efficient separation of mineral matter from hydrocarbon.

3 Nano-separation

Carbon and mineral particles are separated into different streams using nano-technology and patented enhanced flotation processes.

4 De-watering

Low cost mechanical dewatering creates separate carbon and mineral filter cakes ready for pelletization.

5 Pelletization

The pelletization module allows us to tailor physical characteristics and product sizing to optimize supply chain and product performance.

6 Conditioning

The pulse jet conditioning system removes moisture and seals and weatherproofs the pellets. Plant emissions are recycled in a manner that further enhances the Hendricks Refined Minerals product resulting in ultra low emissions.


Julian McIntyre

Julian McIntyre

Chairman & CEO
Richard Campbell-Breeden

Richard Campbell-Breeden

Vice Chairman
R. William West

R. William West

Chief Executive Officer, U.S.
Michael Treanor

Michael Treanor

Managing Director, International
Paul Snaith

Paul Snaith

Managing Director, Oil Products
C. K. Lane

C. K. Lane

Chief Operations Officer, U.S.
Paul Groves

Paul Groves

Head of Business Development, International
Byron Elton

Byron Elton

Chief Marketing Officer


Corbin Project

We are currently in the construction phase of the Corbin Project, located immediately adjacent to the town of Corbin, Kentucky.

Corbin will produce approximately 12 million tons of refined carbon over 15 years, to metallurgical, power generation and specialty markets.

Gary Project

Gary, West Virginia was the site of the largest coal processing plant in the world, producing premium metallurgical coal for the steel industry.

The site will produce approximately 10 million tons of refined carbon over a twelve year period and will employ 56 people full-time and provide social and economic benefits to the community and state.

Feasibility studies are in progress.



Coal discard sites in the United States.


Tons of coal discard produced world-wide every year.


Of agricultural soil is classified as “degraded” or “seriously degraded”.


Of the world’s farmland has been destroyed in the last four decades.


  • How is This Technology Different?

    This unique and technology refines coal discard into its pure hydrocarbon and mineral fractions. The process can also take mined coal as feedstock. Key elements of the technology are patent protected by our technology partner, Omnis Mineral Technologies.

  • What are the Opportunities Outside the United States?

    The development of international expansion plans in Australia, Europe, South Africa, and India are underway. Joint venture discussions are in progress with major international partners, with MOUs expected by early 2017.

  • What are Your Current Projects?

    Our first plant Corbin, Kentucky is fully funded and under construction. We anticipate full production in early 2017. Our second plant in Gary, West Virginia is in the pre-construction planning phase. We have acquired additional sites for the construction of refineries and are engaged with multiple industrial customers worldwide.

  • What are Your Products?

    The Hendricks Coal Waste Refinery produces Hendricks Refined Carbon (HRC) a higher value, cleaner burning hydrocarbon. This will be sold as a solid pellet into the power & steel-making industries, and as a blending feedstock for liquid fuels. A byproduct of our refinery process is Hendricks Refined Minerals (HRM), a mineral soil additive which materially increases the yields and nutritive content of crops.

  • What is the Market Opportunity?

    Coal is the world’s most abundant and lowest cost fuel, with nearly 8 billon tons consumed every year. The application of this technology will reignite the energy market by addressing the significant environmental & regulatory headwinds faced by the coal sector. The vast resources of coal discard available worldwide (>10 billion tons in the US alone), represent an extensive, low cost feedstock for the process.

  • Who is the Hendricks Management Team?

    Hendricks is led by a unique combination of senior executives from the coal, oil, trading, technology and marketing fields. Our team includes senior leadership from Shell, Goldman Sachs, BG, BHP and Anglo American (see Our Team section above).

  • Why is Hendricks Refined Carbon Better?

    Hendricks Refined Carbon (HRC) is a high-energy, low-impurity product. HRC delivers significant efficiency gains to our industrial and utility customers across the value chain, including logistics and other benefits.

    We are the lowest cost producer of the highest quality solid hydrocarbon fuel, delivering a superior value proposition than any of our competitors in the traditional mining sector. Additionally,  the removal of moisture and inorganic material prior to combustion during our patented process, significantly improves the environmental footprint.


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